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Wooden Prague Astronomical Clock
Wooden clock Prague Astronomical Clock - blue

Wooden Prague Astronomical Clock

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The Product:

  • Medium and large wooden clock created as three-dimensional model of Astronomical Dial, the central part of the Prague Astronomical Clock.
  • Equipped with silent electric clock engine.
  • Can be used as table clock (includes small detachable stand) or hung on a wall.
  • Shipped with one AA battery so that you can start using it right away after unpacking.
  • Designed and hand made in Czechia. We guarantee the local origin.
  • Can be easily customized for your event - it can have logo and text elements integrated into its front layer or engraved on its back side. Please note minimal order quantity applies for customization.
Product Options:
  • Colors: blue, black, red and green.
  • Dimensions: diameter 15, 20, 25 or 30 cm (6, 8, 10 or 12").
Weight including box and battery:
  • 15cm option: 140g, box dimensions 17x16x4 cm (6.8x6.4x1.6")
  • 20cm option: 190g, box dimensions 22x21x4 cm (8.8x8.4x1.6")
  • 25cm option: 250g, box dimensions 27x26x4 cm (10.8x10.4x1.6")
  • 30cm option: 340g, box dimensions 32x31x4 cm (12.8x12.4x1.6")

Packaging and Wrapping:

  • This clock comes packaged in brown carton box with opening on its front side.
  • We can wrap the packaged clock with glossy paper of your choice and also apply ribbon of matching color on it so that it looks like a real gift.
  • We can put each packaged or wrapped piece into paper gift bag.

The Motive:

  • Prague Astronomical Clock is the oldest working medieval orloy in the world. It shows four kinds of time, time of dawn and sunset and position of Sun and Moon on the sky.
  • The real Clock is integrated into the southern wall of the Old Town Hall Tower, the major building on the Old Town Square. The Clock is one of the most attractive sights of Prague. Large crowds of tourists gather in front of it each hour to hear the chime and to see the moving character figures and parade of the 12 Apostles marching through the windows above the Dial.
  • This motive is available also on unisex T-shirt, as wooden clock of different sizes and as wooden or ceramic magnet.
This product will be a perfect gift to participants of your event in Prague. Read also what Prague visitors are most likely to see during their off-hours.

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