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Water ball Prague Tyn Church
Water ball Prague Tyn Church

Water ball Prague Tyn Church

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The Product:

  • Water ball on ceramic pedestal, containing small ceramic model of the Prague Tyn Church. Water contains miniature snow flakes that create effect of snowfall if you shake the ball.
  • Designed by local artist, made of glass and non-glazed ceramic in local ceramic works and hand-painted in local protected works.
  • Bottom side of the pedestal is covered by thin suede textile which allows the ball to be placed on glossy surfaces without the risk of scratching them.
  • Genuine Czech souvenir with guaranteed local origin.

Product Dimensions:

  • ball diameter 5.5 cm (2.2") & height 7 cm (2.8")
  • ball diameter 8 cm (3.2") & height 10 cm (4")

The Motive:

  • Tyn Church makes the second dominating feature of the Prague Old Town Square. Its front facade is partially hidden behind houses and palaces which form the Eastern side of the square. The church itself is a remnant of medieval protected warehouse where goods imported into the city were inspected and duty was imposed.
  • Tyn Church is located in the East-Southern corner of the Old Town Square, between Celetna and Tynska Streets. The interior is not overwhelming, compared to St. Vitus Cathedral.
  • This motive is available also as ceramic model, on pictures, clocks, magnets and T-shirts.

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