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Perfect Gift for Prague Event

What is the best gift or incentive to participants of your event in Prague?

What gift would make a real difference?
The gift should be useful, not just something that the participants of your event would throw into garbage bin when leaving their hotel room. Something valuable, genuine and local. Not just another standard coffee mug or power bank imported from somewhere and printed with your company logo. Not just another one-size-fits-all T-shirt which nobody would wear. Not just another pen-and-paper set one can buy in every shopping mall. You want to make a difference. You want your participants to actually use the gift and thus keep their memory of your event forever.

So how to achieve it? How to make the participants remember your event?

Our recommendation is to focus on connection with their Prague sightseeing experience. To keep memories of the places and sights they have seen and they have considered to be the highlights of their stay: the Astronomical Clock and the view of Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge.
The Prague Astronomical Clock is easy - a table or wall clock created as a model of it will most probably be perceived as a nice and useful gift by all participants. And it can be customized for your event.
The view of the Castle will be better preserved on a picture, as a model would be too large and heavy.
Another option is to go for a typical local product - for example crystal glass.