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Golden Spoon Czech Lion
Golden spoon Czech Lion

Golden Spoon Czech Lion

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The Product:

  • Souvenir metal spoon with golden surface and picture of Czech double-tailed heraldic Lion on the handle.

Product Dimensions:

  • Length 14 cm (5.6")

The Motive:

  • The double-tailed Lion has been the heraldic sign of Czechia since 11th Century. The Lion is connected to the story of Czech Knight Bruncvik who defeated enemies fighting together with his pet lion. 
  • This motive appears also on other products like key tag, T-shirts, baseball caps and sticker.
Minimal Order Value:
  • Minimal Order Value in our store is $15 including shipping.
  • Single piece of this product does not meet the Minimal Order Value - please combine it with some other merchandise in order to better utilize international shipping costs.

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