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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Valid from 1. September 2019.

Identity and contact details of the Personal Data Administrator

The administrator of your personal data is self-employed person Ing. Michal Petrtyl with registered office at Panska 131, Tuchomerice, 25267 Czech Republic, Company ID 74102893, registered in the Trade Register of the Municipal Office Cernosice, Ref. ZIV / P13 / 3123/2010 / Tom / 3 (hereinafter referred to as "the Administrator").
Administrator's contact details: delivery address Panska 131, Tuchomerice, 25267 Czech Republic, e-mail address [email protected], phone +420 724 067 394.
The Administrator did not appoint any Data Protection Officer.

In this document, we also provide information about the personal data we process for visitors to our site and for customers, whether we process the data with consent or for any other legal reason, for which purpose we use it, to whom we may pass it, and what rights do you have regarding processing of your personal data.

We process the following personal data:

  • Identification data - name and surname, user name and password, Company and VAT ID if you are an entrepreneur;
  • Contact Details - email address, phone number, delivery address, billing address, and your social media contact information;
  • Electronic identity - IP address, browsing history of our website;
  • Content of your orders - details of the goods you ordered, delivery and payment method, including payment account number and claim information;
  • Anonymized and aggregated data about your behavior on our site collected by Google Analytics, including your behavior on our site - search phrases, landing page, navigating our site, bounce time, site abandonment percentage - and Information about the device from which you are viewing our site - country, language, device, operating system.

Why do we process personal data and what justifies us to do so

We process your personal data in certain situations for various purposes. When you browse our website, where we also use cookies, we use your information to increase your convenience when working with our store web interface and in an anonymized and aggregated form through Google Analytics to track traffic and improve our services. When you create a user account with us, we use your information to maintain your account and provide related features. When you buy goods from us, we use your information to process your order and fulfill our legal obligations. We do not use your information for any marketing purposes.
We are authorized to process personal data either by preparing or performing a contract with you, by following our legal obligations, or by your consent.

Viewing our store web interface

The processing of personal data obtained through cookies is based on your consent, which you give us by clicking on the button in the displayed banner when opening our store web interface.
When you visit our store web interface, we store and read small files as cookies on your device. A cookie is a small set of letters and numbers that we store in your Internet browser or your computer's hard drive. Some cookies allow us to link your activities while browsing our website from the moment you open our store web interface in the browser window until you close it. When you close your browser window, these cookies will be deleted. Others remain on your device for a certain period of time and are activated each time you visit a website that created a particular cookie. We also use pixel tags (also known as web beacons), which are small images that function similarly to cookies. Unlike cookies that are stored on your computer's hard drive, pixel tags are an integral part of the website. All of these technologies will be referred to as cookies for the sake of simplicity in this document. We not only store cookies on your device, but also read those cookies that have been stored on your device by our store web interface. In this document, for the sake of simplicity, we will only talk about saving.
Some cookies are stored on your device directly by our store web interface.

These cookies help us:

  • To identify you as you navigate between pages of our site and when you re-visit our website, for example to preserve content of your shopping cart when completing a previously initiated order or to remember your login from a specific device and avoid re-requesting your email and password;
  • To note that you have given us your consent under this document;
  • With security, for example to investigate whether someone has misused your connection to our site and is not acting instead of you.

Such cookies are necessary for the operation of our store web interface. If you block these cookies in your browser, our store web interface may not work properly and we may not be able to provide you with our products and services.

Next we store cookies from our store web interface to your device, which allow us to:

  • Track traffic to our site, its individual pages, generate statistics and reports. We do not measure ad performance because we do not advertise on any online services.
  • Customize the content of our store web interface for you, for example, to show you preferentially the products you have already viewed;
Consequently we allow third parties to store cookies to your device, who may use them to connect to social networks such as Facebook, including auto-sign-in, provide features like the "Like" button, or send order-related notifications via Messenger and view customized offers and targeted ads on those social media networks and other websites than our site.

Creation and Usage of User Account

When you create an account in our store web interface, we process your identification and contact information, your settings, your order information (if you buy from us later, even if you buy without logging in), and wholesale price bands. We process it based on your consent, which you give us by creating a user account and confirming your consent to the processing of the relevant personal data.
We process the data for as long as your user account exists, which you can delete at any time, thereby deleting the relevant personal information from our repositories.

Preparation and Fulfillment of Contract

We process personal data based on the preparation and performance of the contract, in order to protect legal claims and on the fulfillment of legal obligations, i.e. without your consent, and store them for as long as necessary and to the extent necessary.
When you go to your shopping cart and fill out an order form but don't complete your order, we process your first name, last name, billing and delivery address, e-mail address, phone number (if provided), IP address, and browsing history.
We will use this information so that you can later conveniently complete your order on our website, for example so that the goods you have added to your cart or data from your order in progress will not be deleted. We can also use them to communicate with you about your order.
If you do not return to your incomplete order within 15 days and do not complete it, we will delete all data after 15 days from our electronic stores.

When you complete the order and enter into a purchase agreement with us, we process your name, surname, billing and delivery address, e-mail address, telephone number (if you have listed it), IP address, and browsing history.
We will use this information to allow you to make a payment, so that we can deliver the goods you purchased, to communicate with you about the shipment on the way, to resolve your complaints and return requests, to protect our legal claims, and to meet our legal obligations.
We will delete personal information processed as a result of the performance of the contract from our web store database after the entire six months following the month in which you concluded the purchase contract with us. We will delete personal data processed to protect our legal claims after the 3-year limitation period and one year after the limitation period, with respect to claims made at the end of the limitation period.
We will keep personal data processed based on the fulfillment of legal obligations - name, surname, billing and delivery address, eventually ID and VAT number - in our electronic and physical storage for the period stipulated by local legal regulations, i.e. for the whole 10 years. Then we erase them and destroy them.

Process of Personal Data Elaboration during Contract Fulfillment

  • When you go to the shopping cart in our store web interface and fill out the order form, we store personal information in our store website database hosted by Infomart 2000 in the United States for 15 days for incomplete orders or for six full months following the month you entered the completed order.
  • If you select a payment processed by PayPal's external payment gateway, we forward your name, address, email, and phone to PayPal so you don't have to re-enter it at their payment gateway. The processing of your personal data via PayPal is subject to your separate agreement with PayPal. Once you complete your PayPal payment, we will receive a confirmation email in our internal Google mailbox containing your name, address, email and telephone. We'll delete this email the day after we send you your order. Your name, address, e-mail and phone number remain stored in the PayPal database and made available to us for 36 complete months after the payment has been made. PayPal will then delete them.
  • If you choose to pay by wire transfer, we will receive your payer information on our bank statement, where it will be stored and accessible to us. We print and store them in hard copy in our physical repository for a full ten years. Then we destroy them and delete them from the list of bank statements.
  • Once you complete your order, we'll receive a confirmation email containing your name, address, email, and phone in our internal Google-hosted mailbox. We'll delete it the day after we send your order.
  • For orders below CZK 10,000 (approx. $ 430): We will print your name and address on the receipt, which we put in the shipping box, and on the shipping document. We will store an anonymous copy of the receipt on our local hard drive in our office and a copy of it, including the shipping document, in our archive for a full 10 years. Then we both erase and destroy.
  • For orders over CZK 10,000 (approximately $ 430): We'll print your name and address on the tax document we send you and on the shipping document, and store it on our local hard drive in our office and as a copy, including the shipping document, in our archive for full ten years. Then we both erase and destroy. Tax documents are handed over to local accounting firm 158 s.r.o. who processes personal information on our behalf to comply with local legal obligations on a monthly basis. The tax documents are returned to us every March after the close of the fiscal year.
  • For Priority Shipments and Parcels: Your name and address are processed by Czech Post or a selected carrier to fulfill your order and in accordance with their personal data processing rules.

Access to personal data is limited to:

  • the shop owner who is also the controller of personal data
  • for invoices over CZK 10,000: the accounting firm we use to process our tax documents
  • in the case of priority shipments and parcels: Czech Post or another selected carrier
We use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to collect anonymous browsing data from our site.

Storage of Personal Data

Where we store your personal information and how it is secured:

  • in our online store database operated by Infomart 2000, 6691 Nob Hill Road, Tamarac, FL33321, USA. Infomart 2000 is compatible with EU-US Privacy Shield. The Web Store platform is PCI compatible. Personal information is stored in the United States. Access to personal information is restricted to the store owner and is protected by username and password authentication. The data entered in the order form is encrypted using a dedicated SSL.
  • in our internal mailboxes hosted by Google (for order confirmation messages) and Google (for PayPal confirmation messages). Access to data is restricted to the store owner and is protected by username and password authentication.
  • on the hard disk inside a personal computer in our office in Tuchomerice, Czech Republic. Access to data is restricted to the store owner and is protected by username and password authentication.
  • printed on invoices over CZK 10,000, stored in our office at Panska 131, Tuchomerice, 25267 Czech Republic and temporarily in the office of our accounting firm 158 sr.r.o., Pocernicka 509, Prague 10, 10800 Czech Republic.

Your Rights relevant to elaboration of Personal Data

You have the following rights. You can execute them by emailing [email protected] Applications will be processed within 24 hours.

  • Right to be forgotten:
    You can ask us to remove your information from our order database and associated mailboxes, cancel your account, or cancel our newsletter subscriptions.
  • Right to protest:
    You can unsubscribe from emails and email lists on our website.
  • Right to repair:
    You can ask us to update your subscription / contact information in our store and mailing lists.
  • Right of access:
    Our privacy policy describes what data we collect and how we use it.
  • Right to portability:
    You can ask us to export your personal information.

Backup for future use

If you grant us explicit permission by ticking the appropriate checkbox in the checkout form, we can inform you about current events, special events and new attachments on the Prague Souvenirs pages. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters by following the unsubscribe instructions from any email you receive from us.