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Prague Event Venues

Venues for Your Corporate Event in Prague

Are you considering to organize a corporate event in Prague? 
Are you looking for some useful details on Prague congress facilities?

Number of Participants Matters

First of all, let´s consider the number of participants you expect to host. If it exceeds 2000, your only choice is the Prague Congress Center, large complex of dedicated conferencing facilities interconnected with a branded hotel. If it stays below 2000, you can choose among many 4-5 star hotels as well as other dedicated facilities in and around the city center. If your event is rather small - up to 100 participants - the selection includes almost all mid-size hotels in Prague.

Searching for Central Location

Second, let´s look for the location. The closer to the medieval city center you go, the better impression you make and the higher price you pay. We can recommend the following major hotels located in the city center:

Hotel Hilton Prague is the largest congress hotel in Central-Eastern Europe. Not necessarily the newest one but definitely the most sophisticated one when it comes to variability of rooms and quality of services. Its congress facility consists of large configurable congress hall, large ballroom and 22 smaller rooms and halls. The congress hall itself has seating capacity of 1350. It can be divided into three variable sections with 350, 350 and 750 seats. The ballroom has seating capacity of 570. Other smaller rooms can host 16 to 200 participants, depending on their configuration. The hotel is easily accessible by car but is located slightly off the actual city center (such a huge building would never fit there).

Prague Marriott Hotel is located at the edge of the historical Prague downtown. It offers luxurious conference facilities consisting of 6 halls and rooms of different sizes. Three halls are configurable into 2 or 3 sections. The largest audience you can host in Prague Marriott is 650 people. The only drawback of that facility is rather low ceiling (2.8 or 3.2 meters) which limits the size of projection screen you can use for your presentation. It is easily accessible by car as well as by municipal transport - subway entrance is just 50 meters away.

Hotel Hilton Old Town is located just opposite the Prague Marriott. Its conference center is probably less fancy than the Marriott's one but definitely a good choice given the location. It offers 11 meeting rooms plus one large configurable ballroom for up to 340 visitors.

Alcron Hotel Prague enjoys the attractive Venceslav Square location, making it a truly downtown venue. All major attractions and transportation hubs are just behind a corner - your participants will walk only couple of hundred meters to reach Old Town Square or the Main Railway Station. However the accessibility by car is rather limited due to traffic restrictions in the city center. The hotel offers large congress hall with exceptionally high ceiling for up to 200 participants as well as 9 smaller meeting rooms. Its hotel cuisine has been considered one of the best in town for many decades.

Prague Hotel Intercontinental used to be the top-in-town venue before Hilton arrived in the late eighties. It has superb downtown location at the corner of Parizska Street and Vltava River waterfront, only 250 meters from the Old Town Square, and is easily accessible by car and municipal transport. The hotel offers large configurable congress hall with high ceiling for up to 580 participants as well as 13 smaller halls and rooms, some of them located on the 9th floor with exceptional views of the city downtown. Hotel restaurant and catering are at the absolute top of Prague and the whole Czechia. Definitely the best address for a corporate event with unrestricted budget, intended to make the highest impression.

Hotel President might be slightly overlooked due its proximity of the more known Hotel Intercontinental, though it offers high-quality configurable congress hall for up to 200 participants with the same advantage of downtown location. It is easily accessible by car as well as municipal transport (tramway 17 on the corner). Prague Old Town Square is at walking distance.

Four Seasons Hotel Prague enjoys the most central location of all major hotels in the city. It offers conference facilities consisting of a ballroom for 180 participants and 4 smaller rooms. This hotel is the best choice if you need to host an event right in the city center with unrestricted views of the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge while not bothering yourselves with the budget. Accessibility by car is unrestricted despite the location - you just turn off from the main street - and metro station Staromestska is 200 meters away.

Hotels Smetana and Pachtuv Palace share the complex of baroque buildings from early 17th century right next to the Charles Bridge and Charles Spa. Their conference facility offers five rooms for 30-60 people plus two romantic courtyards for outdoor events. The experience you will get there cannot be matched by any other hotel in town - some rooms provide unrestricted view of the most prominent Prague Castle Skyline known from so many posters and books, meeting rooms have balcony overlooking the Vltava River, and the building is a real medieval palace, carefully modernized and equipped with contemporary furniture. The hotel was a preferred place to stay for baroque times celebrities including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Casanova. Accessibility by car is very limited - the hotel has no own parking facility and public lots are scarce. You can leave your car in the National Theater garage and walk about 500 meters there.

Art Deco Palace Hotel Prague offers the great combination of location next to Venceslav Square, stylish architecture and decoration as well as modern congress facilities including hall for 200 participants and 5 breakout rooms. This hotel has hosted many global celebrities visiting Prague, for example Rolling Stones during their first concert in Eastern Europe in the early nineties.

Venues for Tight Budget

If your budget is tight and you do not need to accommodate your participants in the venue building yet you want to stay with your event in the city center, try congress facility of Autoklub in Opletalova Street. Autoklub itself is a voluntary citizen union providing information and support to car owners and drivers. The building was constructed in the Twentieth Century Twenties and still offers the unique contemporary feel of the times between 1st and 2nd World War. It features one large hall with balcony for 200+70 visitors and five smaller rooms for 80, 25, 25, 50 and 60 participants. The 60 people Club room is located on the 5th floor with magnificent view of the city center. Parking is limited as the building has no garage. Metro and several tram stations are 200 meters away.