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How to Buy - FAQ

We serve corporate customers

Prague Souvenirs store is targeted at corporate customers. Product and shipping prices are shown without VAT, all products except clearance can be ordered only in quantities starting from 5, 10 or 20 pieces. Our Terms & Conditions are specific for businesses.

How to select and order products

If you are looking for standard products, do not hurry and are fine with our standard offer of gift wrapping, you can place your order with all required delivery details directly in our store. We will confirm expected delivery date to you.

If you need to agree on specific delivery date and place for your event, if you require product customization or if you need large amount of products, please do not hesitate to contact us personally before proceeding with your order to checkout. Please write to [email protected] or call +420 724 067 394. We will verify availability of required amount of products with the vendor, process requested customization (applicable only to particular products) and confirm delivery date to you. Then you can proceed with your order to checkout.

Quantity Pricing

We offer quantity discounts for all products except gift wrapping so you can see your final price without VAT immediately. VAT due in Czechia (21% on all products except books, 15% on books) will be added during checkout. You can then pay with your credit card or make wire transfer to our bank account.

Availability and Delivery Times

Wooden clocks, pictures and magnets are in stock in quantities of 30-50 pieces most of the time. Larger amounts are manufactured immediately on demand. Please consider the following delivery times for your event and, if applicable, add two weeks for preparation of customized products:

  • up to 50 pieces: several business days
  • up to 500 pieces: two weeks
  • over 500 pieces: three weeks

Ceramic models, mugs, magnets and snow globes are manufactured in large production lots once or several times a year and are available until supplies last. Orders of tens of products can be fulfilled within several days. If you require hundreds of pieces or more, please get in touch with us to verify the availability at a given time. Customization or on demand production is not possible.

Apparel products are printed on standard textile in production lots. Orders of tens of products can be fulfilled within several days. If you require hundreds of pieces or more, please get in touch with us to verify the availability at a given time.

Gift Wrapping

If you desire, we can wrap the products with wrapping paper of your choice, apply ribbon of matching color and also put the wrapped products into paper gift bags for immediate distribution. Those extras are for additional small fee. You can select from our offer of wrapping options per product or get in touch with us to agree on other arrangements.

Contact us personally

Please get in touch with us immediately so that we can agree on details and prepare tailored quote for your specific needs and ensure availability of the products you have selected.

Please write to:
[email protected]
or call during European business hours at:
+420 724 067 394

How to Place an Order

Once agreed on all details, you can order the whole lot directly in our store and pay with your credit card or make a wire transfer to our bank account. You can also send us an email confirmation and make offline payment based on draft invoice you will receive from us.

Currency selection

Prices in our store are shown primarily in Czech Crowns (Kc or CZK). You can switch them to Euro or U.S. Dollars using the currency selector at the upper left corner of the store page. You can use the following payment methods per currency:

  • CZK: Credit Card via PayPal or Wire Transfer
  • USD: only Wire Transfer
  • EUR: only Wire Transfer

Personal Delivery to Venues in Prague

You can rely on our personal delivery of the packaged and wrapped products right to the venue and on time for your event. It is for free for orders above $400 and Prague destinations.

We will follow your instructions for delivery and agree with venue concierge or business services on proper handover.

You will always receive one or more products on top of the ordered amount for free. This will allow you to unwrap one piece and check it before distributing to your event participants.